Our Guiding Principles

Lasting Partnerships
Our success and reputation is predicated on developing lasting partnerships with our clients, subcontractors, material suppliers and employees.  The foundation of these partnerships is built on trust, respect, honesty and integrity!

Exceptional Service
Our philosophy is simple:  consistently exceed the customers’ expectations!  Providing exceptional customer service is at the very core of this philosophy.

Comprehensive Planning
Meticulously planning every detail of a project allows us to fulfill our mission of delivery projects with quality, accountability and efficiency.  All successful projects start with a comprehensive plan!

Effective Communication
L&K is a company who understands the power of collaboration and teamwork and the direct correlation that effective communication has on the success of our projects.

Pride is a feeling derived from performing a job well.  From our field personnel to our most senior executives, we instill a corporate culture where taking great PRIDE in all things we do is the norm not the exception.

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